Friday, December 25, 2009

Screenshot Contest!

Merry Christmas one and all! Hope you're enjoying the day!

Beta testing over this holiday season is going great!, thanks to Trinity's playtesters: Starwars, Lance Botelle, Jet Truebow, Amraphael, Dennis Graf and Sirchet. A few adjustments here and there, one game breaking bug found and solved, a few typos and misplaced commas: things are going well and I could not be more pleased. Release in a quite near future seems very likely.

To prepare for that, I'm holding a screenshot contest! Ok, so they're screenshots of Trinity only, and that I only have taken... The contest is to determine which screenshots I should post with the Vault release of the mod.

So take a look at the shots below and vote in the poll to your right for your THREE favorite screenshots, or shots you feel would best accompany the Vault submission (i.e. would be most likely to attract players). (Note: you can select more than one option in the poll.)

Shot #1
Shot #2
Shot #3
Shot #4
Shot #5
Shot #6
Shot #7
Shot #8
Shot #9
Shot #10

You can find more shots here. So if there are shots in there you prefer, don't hesitate to post and point them out.


Monday, December 14, 2009

You are my only hope

So maybe I’m not really a panicked Leia Organa wannabe. But if you love me – or at least don’t think me an absolute wanker – and if you’ve had any sort of passing interest in the development of Trinity, then please help me, if you can.

Trinity will go beta in the coming days and I need testers. This won’t be an alpha or other partial version, but a proper release candidate, as far as community-made mods go: i.e. it will be in a state that could be released on the Vault.

With Chet's help, I’ve spent a lot of time during the past weeks on fixes and polish. But after spending a good part of my leisure time over the past 24+ months on Trinity, I’ll be damned if I’ll risk getting bit in the ass upon release by some unforeseen gameplay or story-related issue that could have been avoided by proper playtesting.

I’m not just looking for bug hunters (though I don’t doubt a few gnats lurk here and there still…) but also for playtesters who will want to tell me what some of the shortcomings of the mod are in their view and how the playing experience can be improved.

What’s in it for you, besides my sincere gratitude and a hand in getting another NWN2 single-player mod out there? Check out the partial ending/credits movie below:

If you’d like to volunteer for playtesting, rest assured that you shouldn’t be “ruining” your experience with this mod by doing so. This will be a release candidate, so think of it as if you were one of the first to download and play it as it hits the Vault. Know also that it is not possible to experience all the options in one playthrough, so you’ll even be able to replay the mod when it is officially released if you want to.

As an added enticement, here is the opening movie for the game:

If you’d like to help, please write to me at ecpatterson at sympatico dot ca.

Thank you!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Drider vs. Gel Cube

Thought these shots I took while testing were cool, though not necessarily pretty. I liked the idea too that they showcased two community-made critters... This scenario will be entirely possible in game by the way... :)

Back on Trinity in full swing now. Flu's over and done with. Finally.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bugs, Virus and other Abominations

Chet and I must have hunted down over 100 bugs and other issues since alpha began. I fixed most of them now, classified several as low priority (will get to them if and when I feel like), and have been really stumped by just two or three bugs thus far but they aren’t critical ones and, if need be, I know there are workarounds for them.

It’s amazing how bugs just keeping creeping up though. All you need is to forget a journal advance at some point or put in the wrong conditional on a convo node. I cross my fingers we will have caught all of these subtle errors before release.

So bug hunting and polishing has been going at a swift pace… until about two and a half weeks ago.

It started with my 5 year old daughter contracting a flu, with fever lasting a full week (most likely H1N1). Wife and I split the time at home. Paid-work productivity went down of course, and so did time spent on Trinity.

And then it was my turn. Woke up the day after my wife left for a 12-day business trip to South America with flu symptoms: test results two days later confirmed H1N1. So have been struggling to get over this since. Still not fully recovered. Wife is back now, so that is a measure of relief.

At one point even, my 3-year old had flu-like symptoms, but she was out of commission for just 3 days. Good to see how the young ones spring back so swiftly.

Although at home every day since, I haven’t had much energy to put into Trinity. Did feel good 2-3 days late last week and started work on a brand new area (felt good to sculpt and texture again) for the “drider and destruction” quest. Got a new alpha out to Chet too for a fresh runthrough, and looking forward to seeing the results of his hunt. But I haven’t had the spirit to do much more.

Instead, I’ve have been putting time into Dragon Age, and killed a ton (certainly feels like it) of abominations and other darkspawns. Playing as a mage, which is hugely different than playing a wizard or even a sorcerer in NWN2. The quick spell refresh and low spell variety means the same strategy again and again in combat. Though combat is fast and furious, and the animations and especially sounds are extremely satisfying, it’s gotten a little old already, and I’ve put aside the game for now, still, after no less than 40 hours of playing.

Picked up Fallout 3 again, installed a couple of mods from Fallout Nexus, and I’m enjoying the exploration and the quests once again, though I expect killing Super Mutants, Super Mutant Brutes, Super Mutant Masters, and more Super Mutants to get old soon again. But for the time being that’s where much of my time before the LCD screen is spent.

Should be back on Trinity soon.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

TRINITY enters alpha phase!

This is a huge deal for us. TRINITY has gone alpha, meaning we’ve reached a point where the game is playable from beginning to end, and has all the required content to test out gameplay and story flow.
The adventure in TRINITY begins as you stand before the Lord of Shadowdale. Lord Falconhand, acting on behalf of the Dalelands Council, selected you to lead a party of adventurers on a mission to stop one would-be tyrant from succeeding where another one failed twenty years before. Setting off from the Twisted Tower of Shadowdale by the Ashaba river, you will be taken to a section of the old elven forest of Cormanthor near the ruins of fabled Myth Drannor. From there, you will plunge deep underground into one of the area’s abandoned schools of wizardry on a hunt for magic, and a chase for one man.

With gameplay inspired by PnP adventuring, TRINITY is a module for level 6 to 8 characters in which your decisions really do matter. Play length is estimated at 6 hours for now.
The alpha version is in the hands of our QA department (i.e. SirChet ;) ) for continued testing and we’re moving steadily towards private beta.

The beta version will :

- No doubt fix many bugs discovered during the alpha
- Tie up some story and gameplay loose ends
- Add more creature and object descriptions
- Further balance combat
- Add a couple of cinematic cutscenes
- Integrate opening and closing movies
- Have edited dialogues and descriptions
- Add a sidequest involving driders and blowing up stuff

To celebrate here are four of the custom loadscreens, beautifully mounted by Daronas.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Working towards official alpha version of Trinity. Should be there in next few days.

Got invited to join the Dragon Age Toolset and Community Site Beta. Can’t say more (I believe).

Hellfire got a new screen.

Soundset selection fix made HoF.

I’m kind of busy these days.

Thanks for reading friends! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hell's screen

Dunniteowl brought to light that Hellfire, one half of the RWS guys, saw his monitor go up in flames recently. For now, he's unable to continue with the work we all admire.

Think now what the NWN2 CC scene would be like without Hellfire's work. Think about what it will be if he, together with Baron Rosencheck, don't put out material for a while, if ever again.

Hellfire's given us plenty of great new toys to play with. Maybe we could think about getting him one now in return.

You can donate a few bucks for a new monitor via RWS's paypal account on their homepage.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Space Marine Head WIP

I haven't posted anything for awhile(as usual). ;)

Well, I've been working sporadically on a WH40k Space Marine. For those interested he will be of the Black Templar chapter. Most recently I've been working on the head. It has been a real challenge for me to find the character in the head. I think finally it is starting to look like a Space Marine. The texture is totally hand painted.

This will be for a still image. I'm going for a game cinematic level character, not totally realistic. I know it's not perfect. I hope to getter better over time.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Breakin’ the 80’s

Just got back from a 2-week vacation with the family in beautiful Bic National Park and in kid-friendly Pohenegamook, which was just a short walk away from the U.S.A. (Maine).

Got a chance to work on the mod a couple of afternoons and a bit most evenings, and wrote about 3700 conversation-words, which is not bad for me. Some stuff in there is pretty ok I think. Suitably tragic and dramatic. I'll be able to send Chet a few completed convos shortly so he can turn them into proper english. Knocked off a few scripts too.

And this has decisively taken the mod above the 80% completion rate.

In March (!!) I mentioned reaching 75%. Since then, I actually broke the 80 mark a few times, but no sooner had I done so that I’d think of new assets I forgot to factor in or realized I needed a few blueprints, a couple of scripts and the like to achieve what I had in mind.

That actually happens a lot. I’ve known for a while now, in a general sense, what I want to do throughout the mod. But it’s often only when I sit down to work on a particular encounter or situation that I figure out it requires all these scripts, blueprints and dialogues. It’s not really scope-creep, more like scope-misestimating. I would have had to plan much more thoroughly to avoid that, but that would have risked killing much of my enthusiasm for modding. So I make do, and take the time to realize what I’ve had in mind.

No screenshots this time, but a few of my favorite pics taken during the trip (when the weather was not so nice...). As always, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Picking up

Building on Trinity has picked up recently. After feeling under the weather for a while, I’ve regained in the last couple of weeks the physical and mental energy I require to crack open the TS with any serious intent. I’ve since easily logged in 15-20 hours of TS time, which is a good pace for me.

Mostly, I worked on the “final” big encounter where resolution of the story happens. I took some nice cutscene screenshots, but it would be hugely spoilerific if I were to post them. So I won’t. Too bad, cause they really look good. ;) Players might get to see during this scene, depending on their ealrier actions, a new creature "glove" model done by Daronas. I won't say what, but it's suitably gruesome.

I’ve also revisited the large-scale drow battle I alluded to in the past, testing and troubleshooting some of the variations that might come into play depending on the player’s choices (essentially consisting in deciding at what stage in the mod to attack and in which circumstances). This fight, inspired by some of the larger battles in Challseus’ Rose of Eternity (NWN1), is shaping up to be a cool one (at least it is to me).

//Start section of interest mostly to modders ;)

I’ve recently run into two stubborn problems (and in the case of one of them retrospectively stupid) while scripting that scene. One: this pre-placed NPC refused to make a scripted jump no matter how many times I checked if its tag was correct. Eventually, it dawned on me that the object might simply be corrupt. So I deleted it and placed it again, and, voila, problem solved.

The other issue, which I’m still trying to solve, has to do with a convo that is meant to start in mid-combat with one of your opponents. The convo starts, but breaks, as the enemies go hostile again (or maybe they never stopped being hostile…). I’ll pass on the details, but that’s one bug I hope to quash soon. [EDIT: Problem solved! Custom creature event scripts were interfering in that scene because they weren't checking that a convo was in progress before triggering.]

I’ve also found out that while you can apply a VFX_DUR_GLOW effect to a placeable to make it translucid (neat feature), you can’t for some reason remove it. The remove script finds the effect on the placeable, identifies its creator, but the placeable will simply not return to its former state. That’s too bad, but not dramatic for my purposes.

And yet another problem with which I’ve been trying to come to grips elsewhere is with spawning or applying (to a creature) a custom light-event based VFX. While it shows up fine in the TS, it doesn’t show in game, whether placed as a Placed Effect or applied via script or via the creature VFX setting. If anyone has had success with that sort of stuff please let me know. I know it’s feasible because many other VFX have light-events attached to them and these do show up fine. (Unfortunately, simply spawning an actual light in this case is not an option.)

//End section

Alright, well since screenies are always an appreciated feature of dev blog posts, here are a couple that are not quite spoilers. Thanks for reading. :) (If you like screenshots, check out the gallery on the right-hand side for a compilation of previously released pictures, and some never before seen ;) )

Monday, June 29, 2009


Rob McGinnis is leaving OEI and leaves behind no real replacement as NWN2 community rep for the devs.

His continuous presence was comforting: on one level, it was a demonstration of OEI's dedication to the community, and the game. Now what? What does it mean? Does it mean anything at all?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You got to see this!

This work by Qk on anims has me practically as excited as when JR's Beholder came out or Tupoun's City Hak.

Check it out here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins

This post will just be some thoughts that I have about the game from what I know at this time. It's not much. I haven't followed the game for years. With E3 drawing nearer and finally upon us, I decided to check out what's going on.

There's been a recent uproar on the direction the marketing has taken. Bioware has released trailers containing lots of blood and action with a Marilyn Manson song as the main track. I'm not bothered by it. I have no idea if I'll love the game until I play it. I'm pretty sure I'll at least like it. It's a party-based fantasy CRPG. That already puts it above just about any other recent game out there for me. I've watched trailers for other games many times over. I have no interest in buying the games as they aren't the kinds of games I like to play. I know that ahead of time. But by watching trailers/cinematics alone, I would have no idea what the actual gameplay is like.

As mentioned, I don't know all there is to know about the game as it stands now. I do know I look forward to playing it. There are some cons IMHO. Being a huge fan of the Infinity games, I wish the party size was larger. There seems to be a lack of a dedicated healer class. There doesn't seem to be a cleric type at all. I would think it an obvious class type with the demons, undead, and abominations prevelant in the game. Looks like the mage will be a blaster and a healer. From previous game experience, I don't much like this type of character. We'll see. Combining spells looks very cool though. Rogues are said to be interesting. There just doesn't seem to be much info on them at this point. Even with the lack of info, a rogue may be my first character.

Will GPS mod DA:O? Right now it's undecided. The toolset looks like it has lots of promise. I think some truly excellent adventures can be made with it. Being a custom content creator, DA:O does interest me. I will at least try to get a few models into the game.

Anyway, for now these are my random wait and see thoughts on Dragon Age: Origins.

Monday, May 25, 2009

No time to mod

This ain’t no time to mod. This I tell myself sometimes when the sky is a cloudless blue on late spring days. Like those we had over the weekend.

But if the weather hadn’t been so inviting, would I have modded anyway? Would I have had the time? The energy? Not so sure…

My paid work is keeping me extremely busy lately, and not unsatisfactorily drained at the end of the day. There’s been no time to mod through it all, or very little. But there’s an end around the bend to this intense activity, as the focus of my labors comes to pass next week (big event I’ve been organizing).

I sense this will open up my spirit to Trinity, and my schedule to more modding. It feels within hand's reach, though it seems to flutter away every time I take another step. I’ll catch it. Soon enough. I know.

In the meantime, here are a couple of trinkets from my picture hoard. They'll serve well on a day like this.

Monday, May 18, 2009

GF's got blog

Did you know Grinning Fool and team had a blog? I just found out myself. Let's scoot on over then and check it out.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finally available for NWN2

[Note: No. I don't mean Mysteries of Westgate. ;)]

Before starting on this project two weeks ago, Daronas, Sirchet, and I couldn’t believe no one had done a packhorse for NWN2 yet.

There'll be one now: GPS Packhorse. It’s been submitted and should be up on the Vault soon.

Here’s part of the ReadMe:



Your very own packhorse. Anywhere. Anytime.

GPS Packhorse can be used by players in any existing module (official or community), including in an ongoing game. It can also be easily implemented by builders directly into their own mods and PWs.



-Randomly spawns a horse in one of four different looks. One in ten chance to get a white stallion.

-Option to “pay” for the horse: for those who would like to RP their acquisition.

-Conversation-driven options and orders: stay, follow, personal and party inventory management, rename and despawn.

-When in party, packhorse will follow and respond to orders as any companion would. But packhorse is not a warhorse. It will flee all combat.

-Equipped with saddle bags for greater carrying capacity.

-“Slot Blockers” prevent players from equipping horse with their own equipment.

-Close to official D&D stats.

-Multiplayer theft prevention (BETA): only the horse's owner or a party member can “talk” to the horse and issue orders. Ownership can however be transfered to another nearby player.

-Requests for other features are welcome.



Gaming Parents Studios

Original idea and beta testing: Sirchet

Packhorse's load : Daronas (rope, crate, keg, and bedroll modeled and textured by Obsidian)

Blueprints, dialogues and scripts: E.C.Patterson

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So these three guys go on a podcast…

…and hope they don’t make fools of themselves!

Daronas, SirChet and I were interviewed by Trey and Michelle of our one and only NWN Podcast this past weekend. You’ll be able to hear the result on the next episode (episode #99!), which might come out as early as this Friday.

On the show, you might learn a few things, including what happened to LadyElvenstar, and whether SirChet is wearing pants this time.

Thanks Trey, Michelle for having us on! It was lots of fun.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hall of Fame!

Great news! My 2007 mod Daark Twins has FINALLY made it into the Hall of Fame! WoOt!

Ok, so that's a belated April Fool's. That's really never going to happen.

But my SoZ OM encounter reducer has made it, and that's kind of nice.

A little embarassing too, since it has to be one of the Hall of Fame honorees that has required the least effort in the history of the Vault: there's about one and a half line of code involved in that submission... I guess I did have to figure out which script to edit, but that took all of 15 minutes, tops. Of course there was the testing too, and writing the Vault entry description... ;)

But I guess it's not just a recognition of effort put into the submission, but also of the need that it met for many players, including me. This little edit turned an annoying game into a fun and playable one. I am happy to find out it wasn't just me who felt that way.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dragon Age: Friend or Foe?

I don’t know about you, but I am preoccupied with the impact of DA on NWN2 building and its community. The quality of its toolset will be determinant in that regard (of course, assuming DA itself has sound game mechanics – which I do expect it to have.)

Bioware has just started taking applications for Beta testers. So, in the hope of getting a chance to understand the TS’s potential better, I have applied.

Will you?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Three quarter done

It feels like it's taken forever to get there, but I've finally reached the 75% completion mark for Trinity. Over 90% of all assets are now either done or underway.

What's left to do mostly is to finish up conversations, including those of the companions, journal entries, cutscenes and some encounters. Of course, after that is done, there's still going to be the inevitable debugging, polishing and balancing part.

In there, I don't count at all however an optional side-quest, which does fit into the story, but is mostly meant as a showcase for Ree's driders. I'll get started on that once the models are out. Hopefully that'll be before the rest of the mod is done. But that's still some ways off, which does give Ree some time to work his magic... ;)


One thing that has been notched as completed recently is this, which I think is the coolest cloak in town. It was done by Daronas, who's been contributing a lot of custom content for Trinity. I just love glow maps.

Friday, February 27, 2009

What kind of madman’s hobby is this anyway?

I’ve been spending the better part of my modding time in the past week (10 hours or so), finishing up the dialogue for one of the major encounters in Trinity.

Finishing up. This was already a 1900 word convo. But, builders, you know how it is: I needed to devise the different resolution paths (this particular encounter can be resolved in one of four different ways, including combat), script what each of these paths demanded, adjust and complete the convo to reflect them, plan and write branches for different states of that particular encounter etc. And through it all, I added barely 600 words… And I haven’t even tested it thoroughly yet.

Over a dozen hours total, counting the first 1900 words written way back, but not the area design for that encounter, the creature blueprints, the NPCs’ custom equipment etc. All this for an encounter that may last 3 minutes in total (not counting the optional quest or combat).


Am I nuts to spend so much of my free time on this?

I remember Josh/Anduraga once said on the NWN2 Forums that one had to be a masochist to build a mod, or something like that. I don’t know about masochist, but it certainly takes a certain type of person. At the root, obviously, it takes someone who is willing to dedicate huge amounts of time to a (mostly) solo creative endeavor, at the expense usually of other activities. That’s one reason I sometimes equate mod building to other solitary artistic pursuits (as a way to explain it to friends, family, wife… and myself): writing, painting, sculpting, photography etc.

For a variety of reasons, I always thought one had to be a little crazy to be an artist.

But artists also love their art. And that’s part of why they keep at it.

Same here.

(Yes, mod building is art. :) )

Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2009

First-time partial run-through

I made a first-time run-through of 2 of the 3 “zones” of Trinity this weekend, which, at the pace I’m able to mod, is a milestone in itself.

There are 3 “zones” in this adventure:

1) The staging areas of Shadowdale Keep, where one gets the main quest briefing, can purchase some equipment and gets a few sidequests;

2) The Cormanthor forest areas near Myth Drannor, where a group of surface drows are stationed;

3) And Soloria, the dungeon-esque underground school of wizardry, which is the heart of this adventure, and the part drawn from Ed Greenwood's 1986 Dragon Magazine adventure called Into the Forgotten Realms.

So I played through the Keep and the Soloria parts and it took me a little over 2 and a half hours, clicking quickly through the convos for the most part. This was reassuring, since it tells me I'm probably going to reach my goal of making a 4-6 hour mod.

Now however, I've 9 pages of bugs, oddities and other required adjustments recorded for those parts. But they are small, handwritten pages, and I write sloppily. So it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Going through most of those will be my work for the next week or so, I should think.


Here are new screens showing a new VFX I’ve also been working on (in actuality it moves). It was inspired by the water reflections in underground submerged caves we visited in Mexico (that was cool!). If someone knows how I can project a texture horizontally against a wall though, please let me know.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why mod? A quote.

I’m back. We had a great time in warm Mexico, caught somewhere between a dream and paradise.

With no computer and toolset over there, I read quite a bit and took a pretty good bite off of Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth. I needed a break from the usual medieval fantasy I read these days… ;)

I found this quote that expresses well one reason why I keep plugging away at Trinity. On and off over the last months, I’ve been building a mental list of reasons why I build. Someday it might get consigned to this place. Till then, here’s the quote. If you haven’t read Pillars, it might help to know that one of the stories in there is about a man whose lifelong dream is to build a cathedral:

“Then he thought what a thrill it would be to create something from nothing; to see, one day in the future, a new church here where now there was nothing but rubble, and to say: I made this.”

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Biting the bullet

This interior area in Trinity has been giving me headaches and very low FPS since the beginning (between 9 and 26 fps in a benchmark test) and I finally decided to do something about it.

I looked at whether it was due to poor custom tileset optimization, or abundance of point lights and VFX. Adjusting Fog clip didn’t have any impact, nor was the clipping even noticeable in game! Lowering draw distance in the game settings though helped a lot.

Finally I accepted that the poor performance had to do with size really (no doubt the fact that the place was packed with objects of all sorts helped…). The area was 24x30 or so. Didn’t think it would have been much of a problem given it was an interior area.

So I finally came around to the idea of cutting the area up in 3 parts, and now am getting fps in the 23 to 81 range. A better experience for everyone.


Besides that, I’ve been working lately on setting up pretty cool fights with fire ants, ghosts and a death tyrant beholder (different fights, not at the same time). I attached some popping VFX’s on the ghosts’ death that give a lot of spirit to the fight.

Also been working on some gameplay mechanics and custom items. After suggestions from players in this thread, I decided to make a statuette that summons 2-8 pseudodragons (when I used to play PnP, pseudodragons were THE coolest thing) and a gem that you can imbed in any of your weapons to turn it into an elemental weapon that will deal random elemental damage, complete with appropriate VFX.

I’ve got a bunch of other custom scripted items done and in mind, in addition to many custom items that use conventional properties. Besides at the outfitting store in the staging area of the mod, most items to be bought or found in Trinity will actually be custom made. I always find it nice when playing when I find an item I’ve never seen before.


In other news, I’m leaving on vacation for a week in Mexico, this Thursday. After the harsh winter we had last year, my wife and I made a promise to ourselves that we’d try to escape it this year, even if just momentarily. The whole family is going to an all-inclusive resort (the first time in my life!) on the Riviera Maya. I am not bringing my laptop or any notepad of any kind. ;) See you all back soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

No one likes to play alone

This will be old news to those who visit our site, but I thought I’d finally officially post the results of the poll we conducted some time ago on preferred party size.

Sixty-eight people responded to the question (a great turn-out!): “In a solo mod, what is your ideal NWN2 party size?”. And the results were:

Two results of special note: no one likes to play solo, and a larger proportion of players like to have 3 companions to adventure with.

Sure seems like the folks at OEI got it right in SoZ with their party of 4 player-created characters, doesn’t it.

Trinity is built around a party of 5 and you start off with the full roster of 4 companions. While players will be able to dismiss any of them at any point in the game without breaking conversations or quests, the mod will be balanced for the complete party and a good part of the banter and interjections will rely on all party members being present. My recommendation then will be to play with all companions, on a first run-through at least.

If I were to do it again, I’d probably go with 3 companions. But now, I’ve grown too attached to each of them and can’t see myself cutting anyone from the roster.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Storm of Zehir Walk-through

I just wanted to let everyone in on what we've done over at The Thieves Guild.

We finally finished our Walk-through for SoZ. I've also listed a few very helpful links to other great resources for OEI's second expansion to NWN2.

Storm of Zehir Walk-Through

Storm of Zehir Trading Guide

Storm of Zehir Item Data Base

Sorm of Zehir Crafting Guide

Storm of Zehir Cohort Guide

I hope y'all find these guides useful.

I know this post has absolutely nothing to do with the awesome stuff GPS is working on, but now that we've finally got these done. I wanted GPS and friends to be the first to get their hands on it. ;D

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

We wish you and yours health, happiness, and success for the new year, and some good NWN2 fun too, of course.

With the expected release of a bunch of mods from NWN2 bloggers and a slew of others for sure, it’s shaping up to be a pretty good year for NWN2 fans everywhere.

Have fun!