Friday, December 21, 2007


I first played PnP D&D in 1984. I was hooked, and knew as a teen, it would be a part of my life for years to come. I have recently dabbled in a couple of message board games, so my 3.5 books got some use. Sadly, I haven't had time for them lately.

I started computer gaming in 1982. I enjoy single-player crpg's above all else. The Infinity engine games are among my favorites of all time. I could literally have played another hundred of them and been happy. I will always hold Baldur's gate 2 as the pinnacle, against which all other crpg's will be measured. Like Jacky, I thought ToEE was fantastic, despite it's problems. The engine was incredible. I may go as far as putting the turn-based encounters above the pause 'n' play of the Infinity games.

I am not married. I have 2 kids, daughter 16, and son 15.

I'm an electronics tech by trade. My experience runs the gamut from slot machines to satellite communications. I am a proud U.S. Army veteran.

I feel privileged to be a part of this team. When I first played NHiN, I knew it was a special module. I gave Jacky some feedback on the module. Through those conversations, and some regarding my own postponed module, Jacky asked me to join this very talented team. Thanks Jacky. As of now, my place on the team consists of doing a little bit of everything.


Ernie Noa said...

Fascinating. I hope you'll be able to participate in a podcast interview that's in the works

Ernie (ENoa4)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen an update for Nighthowls or A Time to Die in quite a while. Any work still going on with these tow mods?

SirChet said...

The update to NHiN is going to be posted on the vault. We are currently working on it, it will have NO new content, but will merely correct the spelling and typo mistakes.

This will not happen until we have finnished our Halloween Project with Bouncy Rock.

donna said...