Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finally available for NWN2

[Note: No. I don't mean Mysteries of Westgate. ;)]

Before starting on this project two weeks ago, Daronas, Sirchet, and I couldn’t believe no one had done a packhorse for NWN2 yet.

There'll be one now: GPS Packhorse. It’s been submitted and should be up on the Vault soon.

Here’s part of the ReadMe:



Your very own packhorse. Anywhere. Anytime.

GPS Packhorse can be used by players in any existing module (official or community), including in an ongoing game. It can also be easily implemented by builders directly into their own mods and PWs.



-Randomly spawns a horse in one of four different looks. One in ten chance to get a white stallion.

-Option to “pay” for the horse: for those who would like to RP their acquisition.

-Conversation-driven options and orders: stay, follow, personal and party inventory management, rename and despawn.

-When in party, packhorse will follow and respond to orders as any companion would. But packhorse is not a warhorse. It will flee all combat.

-Equipped with saddle bags for greater carrying capacity.

-“Slot Blockers” prevent players from equipping horse with their own equipment.

-Close to official D&D stats.

-Multiplayer theft prevention (BETA): only the horse's owner or a party member can “talk” to the horse and issue orders. Ownership can however be transfered to another nearby player.

-Requests for other features are welcome.



Gaming Parents Studios

Original idea and beta testing: Sirchet

Packhorse's load : Daronas (rope, crate, keg, and bedroll modeled and textured by Obsidian)

Blueprints, dialogues and scripts: E.C.Patterson

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So these three guys go on a podcast…

…and hope they don’t make fools of themselves!

Daronas, SirChet and I were interviewed by Trey and Michelle of our one and only NWN Podcast this past weekend. You’ll be able to hear the result on the next episode (episode #99!), which might come out as early as this Friday.

On the show, you might learn a few things, including what happened to LadyElvenstar, and whether SirChet is wearing pants this time.

Thanks Trey, Michelle for having us on! It was lots of fun.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hall of Fame!

Great news! My 2007 mod Daark Twins has FINALLY made it into the Hall of Fame! WoOt!

Ok, so that's a belated April Fool's. That's really never going to happen.

But my SoZ OM encounter reducer has made it, and that's kind of nice.

A little embarassing too, since it has to be one of the Hall of Fame honorees that has required the least effort in the history of the Vault: there's about one and a half line of code involved in that submission... I guess I did have to figure out which script to edit, but that took all of 15 minutes, tops. Of course there was the testing too, and writing the Vault entry description... ;)

But I guess it's not just a recognition of effort put into the submission, but also of the need that it met for many players, including me. This little edit turned an annoying game into a fun and playable one. I am happy to find out it wasn't just me who felt that way.