Thursday, August 20, 2009

Space Marine Head WIP

I haven't posted anything for awhile(as usual). ;)

Well, I've been working sporadically on a WH40k Space Marine. For those interested he will be of the Black Templar chapter. Most recently I've been working on the head. It has been a real challenge for me to find the character in the head. I think finally it is starting to look like a Space Marine. The texture is totally hand painted.

This will be for a still image. I'm going for a game cinematic level character, not totally realistic. I know it's not perfect. I hope to getter better over time.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Breakin’ the 80’s

Just got back from a 2-week vacation with the family in beautiful Bic National Park and in kid-friendly Pohenegamook, which was just a short walk away from the U.S.A. (Maine).

Got a chance to work on the mod a couple of afternoons and a bit most evenings, and wrote about 3700 conversation-words, which is not bad for me. Some stuff in there is pretty ok I think. Suitably tragic and dramatic. I'll be able to send Chet a few completed convos shortly so he can turn them into proper english. Knocked off a few scripts too.

And this has decisively taken the mod above the 80% completion rate.

In March (!!) I mentioned reaching 75%. Since then, I actually broke the 80 mark a few times, but no sooner had I done so that I’d think of new assets I forgot to factor in or realized I needed a few blueprints, a couple of scripts and the like to achieve what I had in mind.

That actually happens a lot. I’ve known for a while now, in a general sense, what I want to do throughout the mod. But it’s often only when I sit down to work on a particular encounter or situation that I figure out it requires all these scripts, blueprints and dialogues. It’s not really scope-creep, more like scope-misestimating. I would have had to plan much more thoroughly to avoid that, but that would have risked killing much of my enthusiasm for modding. So I make do, and take the time to realize what I’ve had in mind.

No screenshots this time, but a few of my favorite pics taken during the trip (when the weather was not so nice...). As always, thanks for reading.