Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Improved Baphitaur/Minotaur Head.

I haven't posted anything in awhile. It's about time. I just wanted to show a shot of the head I've been working on.

Honestly, I was never completely satisfied with the original Baphitaur/Minotaur head I originally did for LadyE. I knew I could do better. I added a couple of new programs to my arsenal, and have a few more months of experience. So, I decided to take another crack at the head.

List of improvements:

1) The head and horns are one mesh, and separately tintable. Less faces than a typical half-orc head. The eyes are not tintable.

2) The mohawk/mane is a hair option, tintable via hair tints. Original OEI, and modified to fit.

3)The beard is a facial hair option, tintable via hair tints. Original OEI, modified.

4) The nose/earring jewelry, and the horn tips are separate helmet options, and are tintable. I made a new custom armor category for this and all future custom armor I make.

Well, I hope some will find this a suitable improvement. I hope to have it packaged up very soon once it goes through the final bit of testing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ItFR : 45%, and video screenshot

By E.C.Patterson

Has it been two weeks already since last post? Time sure flies by quickly. If it wasn’t for my fancy spreadsheet I could think that not much has been accomplished since then on Into the Forgotten Realms. But it proves me wrong: ItFR is now 45% complete. I’m excited about that since it means I was able to meet the target I recently set of 10% progress per month. The mod is nearing the top of the hill, and hopefully it’ll be a smooth and speedy run down to the finish line.

To celebrate this forthcoming 50th (percentile) anniversary, I’m planning to release a short teaser tailer. I’m gradually thinking up the storyboard and filming in-game footage. I like making videos, so this should be fun. Another fun part of mod making, which for me is not only about building a mod and uploading it to the Vault.

I’ve edited some early footage just for practice into the following 15 seconds clip, which I’ll call a video screenshot. It shows a part of the Cormanthor forest area and some ruins, which players will have to go through to reach Soloria, one of the abandoned schools of wizardry around Myth Drannor. Some of the shots in there will probably end up in the teaser.

Thanks for reading. I hope to be back sooner next time.