Friday, February 26, 2010

Trinity Releases

Trinity OST

The official soundtrack of the mod was recently released on the GPS label. The OST in mp3 format comes complete with album art and playlist!

It’s great fantasy/game music. If you like that kind of stuff, give it a listen. I LOVE it. :)

Udpate v1.05

Text taken word-for-word from the Forum post:

"A new version of Trinity is now up on the Vault. Update 1.05 is a pretty big one : it fixes well over 25 miscellaneous issues.

By order of the President (Mr nice-"NEAT"-thugbert himself), Trinity now has in-game levelling and basic equipment purchasing. So if your character is below level 7, you will be given the option early in game to level him up and get a few gold pieces to buy starting equipment. (I've also tweaked the walkmesh a bit in a certain spot for you, Mr President. Hope you approve.)

Thank you to the 1500 people who downloaded Trinity thus far and to those who came back to leave feedback and issue reports. Since version 1.01 some 50-70 tweaks and fixes have been introduced thanks to you.

If you haven't played the game yet and plan to, then I certainly hope you have fun and that you'll let me know of your experience."

Next releases

I think I have the time now to assemble a Trinity custom assets pack. It will contain new placeables, VFX and cloak. Look for it soon.

And then what?

I’m liking my current modding vacation. Like I said I’m enjoying playing again: gearing up for the final encounter in Storm of Zehir (after going through all the new SoZ locations from the community add-on – some very good stuff in there! Got bored, again, with Fallout 3 (finished the “main” quest and am now slowly getting into some of the DLC stuff) and Assassin’s Creed 1; am nearing the end of BioShock 1 and have just received a cheap eBay copy of Resident Evil 4 for PC (never played these games but I hear this one’s pretty good), so might slowly get into that. DA:O is starting to beckon, but Mass Effect 2 will have to wait a while still (played ME1 pretty late actually).

And THEN what?

NWN2 or DA:O. We’ll see.