Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The creator of the Vault's Hall of Fame module, Night Howls in Nestlehaven: NHiN

I've been a game player for 30 years, since Wizardry came out on the old Apple2. Played Microsoft Adventure (a zork ripoff dating from about 1980 - was this MS' first product? maybe so!), early ultima's (1,2) and its predecessor (don't remember the name! something like Alkajar or something). Learned Pascal so I could modify wizardry. My first and only real programming, besides a monopoly ripoff I got published in 1984 as a minor contributor (I actually did all the monopoly rules coding, but none of the graphic stuff). Played Wiz and its descendents for years.

Currently playing NWN2 (when I have the time between building!). Really like some of the community mods - dirtywick's, wyrin's, ec's, raith's, sgt why's, phoenixus', and a few others. All worthy of play. Also enjoy turn based strategy games - love the Total War series, have created some massive mods for that. Favorite game engine was the TOEE D&D engine - total waste of resources that this engine wasn't bought by WOTC and used as a springboard for an entire series of D&D adventures. It *rocked*.

I am married, with 2 girls (2 and 6). Most of my time goes to them, so between work, keeping my wife sane, and raising my daughters, if I get a couple of hours a night at the computer I count myself lucky.

Pet peeves? The toolset's instability!, traffic jams (especially from rubberneckers!!!), george w. bush, and the general ruin we are making this planet endure.


Ernie Noa said...

I haven't played Night Howls yet, but it's on my short list. This studio is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Akalabeth was the precursor to Ultima I. The interior dungeons in Ultima were taken almost verbatim from Akalabeth.

Kaldor Silverwand