Friday, December 25, 2009

Screenshot Contest!

Merry Christmas one and all! Hope you're enjoying the day!

Beta testing over this holiday season is going great!, thanks to Trinity's playtesters: Starwars, Lance Botelle, Jet Truebow, Amraphael, Dennis Graf and Sirchet. A few adjustments here and there, one game breaking bug found and solved, a few typos and misplaced commas: things are going well and I could not be more pleased. Release in a quite near future seems very likely.

To prepare for that, I'm holding a screenshot contest! Ok, so they're screenshots of Trinity only, and that I only have taken... The contest is to determine which screenshots I should post with the Vault release of the mod.

So take a look at the shots below and vote in the poll to your right for your THREE favorite screenshots, or shots you feel would best accompany the Vault submission (i.e. would be most likely to attract players). (Note: you can select more than one option in the poll.)

Shot #1
Shot #2
Shot #3
Shot #4
Shot #5
Shot #6
Shot #7
Shot #8
Shot #9
Shot #10

You can find more shots here. So if there are shots in there you prefer, don't hesitate to post and point them out.


Monday, December 14, 2009

You are my only hope

So maybe I’m not really a panicked Leia Organa wannabe. But if you love me – or at least don’t think me an absolute wanker – and if you’ve had any sort of passing interest in the development of Trinity, then please help me, if you can.

Trinity will go beta in the coming days and I need testers. This won’t be an alpha or other partial version, but a proper release candidate, as far as community-made mods go: i.e. it will be in a state that could be released on the Vault.

With Chet's help, I’ve spent a lot of time during the past weeks on fixes and polish. But after spending a good part of my leisure time over the past 24+ months on Trinity, I’ll be damned if I’ll risk getting bit in the ass upon release by some unforeseen gameplay or story-related issue that could have been avoided by proper playtesting.

I’m not just looking for bug hunters (though I don’t doubt a few gnats lurk here and there still…) but also for playtesters who will want to tell me what some of the shortcomings of the mod are in their view and how the playing experience can be improved.

What’s in it for you, besides my sincere gratitude and a hand in getting another NWN2 single-player mod out there? Check out the partial ending/credits movie below:

If you’d like to volunteer for playtesting, rest assured that you shouldn’t be “ruining” your experience with this mod by doing so. This will be a release candidate, so think of it as if you were one of the first to download and play it as it hits the Vault. Know also that it is not possible to experience all the options in one playthrough, so you’ll even be able to replay the mod when it is officially released if you want to.

As an added enticement, here is the opening movie for the game:

If you’d like to help, please write to me at ecpatterson at sympatico dot ca.

Thank you!