Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Due To Popular Demand "Daronas's Dwarven Statue"

Here's a better picture of the Statue we could see in the background of the Dwarven Belt picture. Daron's put this statue together for us to use over at The Dawn of Time, a persistent World I've been involved in lately.

I think with the proper support and encouragement, Daronas may release this to our gaming community.

Oh, and here's a link to Dawn of Time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Belt W.I.P.

OK, this is a belt I've been working on. I just thought I'd post a pic to gain some interest and ask for some input. The main thing I'm struggling with is the skin modifier. It's my first armor piece. I wouldn't mind doing more if there is interest.

Is the quality up to snuff?
Is some clipping acceptable?
How important is perfect deformation of the mesh? Right now the movement is a little rigid. My skill in this area is next to nothing. I can make it a little better I think. But I'm having a hard time.

I'm calling it a clan belt for now. I plan on doing a couple of more with different looks. I don't know what the different dwarf clan symbols are, this one features crossed axes.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Artistic Self-Improvement

This is General Noob. He was the leader of a resistance against human/alien hybrid experiments. The reptilian aliens are a lesser race compared to future humans. The intelligence the aliens would gain when crossed with humans could not be foreseen. Still, it was not enough. The humans were far too superior. Not long after this portrait was created, General Noob disappeared. He was never seen again. The humans insidious experiments continue.

This dude was just a small project to learn ZBrush and Photoshop a little better. I had absolutely no plan. I just loaded up a box in ZBrush, subdivided and and started shaping. General Noob is what came about. I had never created any kind of bust in 3d before. Organic modeling and texturing is not my forte. Most of what I've been doing involve assets already done for NWN2.

I never thought I would ever do any character modeling/sculpting. It is very intimidating. It's amazing how one could become attached to a character. Even one that's not very good. But, now I know why people do it. It's kind of addictive. I hope to push the next character a little more. A little more radical and better rendering. It's a learning process. ;)