Thursday, August 7, 2008

Artistic Self-Improvement

This is General Noob. He was the leader of a resistance against human/alien hybrid experiments. The reptilian aliens are a lesser race compared to future humans. The intelligence the aliens would gain when crossed with humans could not be foreseen. Still, it was not enough. The humans were far too superior. Not long after this portrait was created, General Noob disappeared. He was never seen again. The humans insidious experiments continue.

This dude was just a small project to learn ZBrush and Photoshop a little better. I had absolutely no plan. I just loaded up a box in ZBrush, subdivided and and started shaping. General Noob is what came about. I had never created any kind of bust in 3d before. Organic modeling and texturing is not my forte. Most of what I've been doing involve assets already done for NWN2.

I never thought I would ever do any character modeling/sculpting. It is very intimidating. It's amazing how one could become attached to a character. Even one that's not very good. But, now I know why people do it. It's kind of addictive. I hope to push the next character a little more. A little more radical and better rendering. It's a learning process. ;)


Jclef said...

I would follow you to the end of the universe, General Noob! *salute*

Looks really good, man - especially for being your first project of that nature!

Daronas said...

Thanks jclef! I hope to do more, and better stuff. Not everything will be for NWN2. Sometimes I have to create, just to be creative.

Frank Perez said...

That looks pretty impressive. I ought to try 3D modeling sometime. Sounds like fun. :)

AmstradHero said...

I'll echo jclef's words and say that if that's your first really attempt at an organic model like that, then it's very impressive. Producing a model like that in a "test-run" shows some nice skills and talent!

The miniature horn growths look really good. Personally I think I'd only include the ones on the centre line and the diagonals, but the others still look very nice. It's just a personal preference, but they just seem too close to the eyes and hence bulging the skin there a little more than appears normal.

The nose and cheekbones are excellent, there's a nice bit of shaping while still matching in with the overall slightly gaunt appearance of the face. The ears also look really good - at least the little we can see of them.

Top work! (Even if it's not NWN2 related! :) )

Daronas said...

frank perez

Thanks, I appreciate it! If you have interest in 3d modeling, you should absolutely give it a try. I started with Blender and Gimp. Both free. Once I figured out I have a small amount of aptitude for it, I spent a couple of years getting some programs together. I now use Max9, Zbrush, and Photoshop. If you decide to give it a go, I look forward to seeing your first creation.


Thanks a lot! That is some of the best criticism I've gotten on General Noob.

I agree on the brow protrusions completely. I struggled with whether to keep them. My instinct was to do away with them. I thought they made the brow look too bulky. Thanks for confirming it. I'll be more cognizant of that in the future.

As funny as it sounds, I looked in the mirror and kinda used my own nose for reference. Most all of the shaping/sculpting was done with no reference. I just did what I thought looked "right". Yeah, the ears are just there to give the impression of ears. Since I didn't plan for ears in the beginning, I ran out of polys. The ears look rather stretched in comparison to the rest. That is why I chose the almost straight on pose. :)

E.C.Patterson said...

I've said it before: it's amazing that this is your first attempt at a 3D head. Very well done, and showing great promise.

It's a thrill seeing your skills develop.

SirChet said...

First attempt my arse!
He looks great for any attempt and he keeps getting better.


Oh, and I like the extra bumps myself, (personal preference).

Daronas said...


Thanks! I wouldn't have thought of posting on our blog until you suggested it. I appreciate you guys putting up with my little personal projects. It may even push something for the game back a little. You've never complained, or hurried me even one time. That's awesome!


Ha ha! Thanks man! Yes General Noob "evolved" over time. The main mesh remained the same, only refined. I still consider it my first, though it was a W.I.P. for a while. And, I did promote him from captain to general for the lame back story. ;)