Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Giant Bat on the Vault soon!

I did this giant bat for a fellow GPS member. There have been a couple of requests for a giant bat on the forums. So, it will be released ahead of time.

The bat is just a scaled up version of the OEI bat. The height as been lowered to an appropriate level for combat. Oh yeah, I added the glowing yellow eyes as well. :)

Look for it soon, if interested.


Jclef said...

Looks great - I might have to cast him for a part in MS... ;)

I'll be sure to download and check it out!

E.C.Patterson said...

The fellow GPS member is me ;). Expect to see this bad**s in ItFR. It's one of the better fights IMO. :)

Amraphael said...

Great stuff! This one will definitely look good in my Zork module in the role as the large vampire bat that lurks in the coal mines. Thank you!

Daronas said...

Yeah, it was done at E.C.'s request. I didn't want to come right out and spoil one of the baddies in the module.

Looks like I'm going be cracking open my MM1 to work up some stats for it. I'll try to get close, so there will be a blueprint .erf included.