Saturday, July 26, 2008

ItFR – Teaser World Premiere!

by E.C.Patterson

Here now is the teaser trailer for Into the Forgotten Realms I mentioned I was working on (the teaser actually reveals a bit of a title tweak…).

You can get instant satisfaction with the YouTube version, but I recommend you get the 16MB download which has much better images and sound.

The release of this teaser marks the halfway point in the production of ItFR. I'd like to take this occasion to thank you all for your ongoing support, which has without a doubt helped us get to this point.


AmstradHero said...

That is an extremely nice trailer indeed! The areas are stylish and beautiful, and you've managed to put in some very nice camera shots and movement. Those shots where you pull back are particularly nice. How did you manage that, if you don't mind my asking?

Also, I feel I must mention the music - I love it, and it suits the tension built by the video superbly!

Wyrin said...

looking good!

did i miss the discussion on the new name? trinity? how come?

Jason said...

Wow, now that's a fantastic trailer. The NWN2 content itself looks terrific and you did a great job editing the pieces together. Can't wait to play this. Brilliant!


Elf des coquillages said...

Neat trailer! It does a great job at showcasing the (beautiful) areas and giving that 'adventure' feel, and the pacing and editing is great. As AmstradHero said, I'm especially amazed by the camera work.

Does the title reworking hint that there'll be more ItFR after this one?

Frank Perez said...

That was one helluva video! The outdoor scenery was especially beautiful. Excellent work.

Jclef said...

Woooohooo -, Awesome trailer!

Yeah, I can't wait to play this one. Halfway done. oh man!

E.C.Patterson said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad you liked it.

Gameplay was sometimes filmed with the DM free cam (some creature closeups, long zoom-ins) or with the character or strategy game cam, sometimes with the PC turned invisible (I used Barry The Hatchet's Module Testing Toolkit for this). The long zoom-outs were done simply by walking the invisible PC backwards.

As for the name ItFR: Trinity: no, no, no, this does not signal a trilogy! God forbid. ;) This will be a stand-alone mod.

The significance of Trinity will be made (more or less) clear in the mod. I felt the mod needed a less generic title than Into the Forgotten Realms, and I latch on to this one. It's had a bit of an impact since on the developement of the story.

I'm glad the feeling of adventure and tension came out in the trailer since this is part of what I'm trying to achieve with this mod.

Indira Lightfoot said...

Holy cow! That looked and sounded very pro indeed! Anyone having seen the MoW intro, this is on par with that kind of stuff! Thanks for having taken the extra time and made this teaser - it really works - now I just have to play the mod - especially since ItFR is a PnP module I haven't played. Also, the quality of your areas is really showed off in this way - I'm afraid mine will look rather bleak in comparison - you have found a graphical 'tone' that just screams D&D, adventure, FR and NWN, congratz to that! :D

E.C.Patterson said...

Thanks Indira. I actually had lots of fun doing this.

I appreciate your comment about the graphical "tone". It sounds like the right way to put it. I wonder sometimes if it's going to be to many's liking though... We'll see. I'm glad you like it. :)

Amraphael said...

Nice, very nice. No, not nice. Awesome is the word. Of what I could see this is something I wanted the OC to be. The trailer is also very professional. And I liked the bats too ;)

Daronas said...

Wow and professional are definitely words that come to mind viewing this. I myself uttered a few expletives(in a positive sense)watching it. It's very awesome.

Ayrin said...

Fantastic areas and excellent editing !of this trailer ! How did you make these smooth camera drivebys ? I especially love this wild forrest !!