Saturday, December 22, 2007


Father of two gorgeous and funny little girls (Céleste, 3 and Zoé, 1), husband, communications professional for a network of hospitals, resident of Montreal, Canada, native French-speaker, PC-game enthusiast (I haven't touched, however, any other game besides NWN2 practicallly in the past 14 months!), former (oh, some 20 years ago...) avid roleplayer, table-top and board gamer, and author of the NWN2 contest mod Daark Twins.

For our current main project, NHiN2, I've been programming some of the more "fun" scripts ;) and have made a couple of cutscenes too. It's been really fun, and often challenging in a very enjoyable way, to bring Jacky's imagination and vision to life.

I'm also leading a new mod project that's in the works here at GPS. I plan to announce some details soon, when it's a bit further along.

This team is fantastic and I believe we have really bonded since Jacky brought us together to work on the follow-up to NHiN. Our new name (it's just for fun, BTW, we have absolutely NO pretension at "making it") really reflects who we are, IMO: all working parents with careers in other fields, who enjoy both gaming and parenting! Really, one of the coolest things about this team for me is that, at 35, I'm the youngest of the gang! Who would have thought?! It shows that gaming (and building mods of course) ain't something just for kids! :)

Thanks for reading! Hope you come back from time to time to see what we have been up to.

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Ernie Noa said...

Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to interview you and other members of the team for NWPodcast in the near future.


Ernie (ENoa4)