Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Belt W.I.P.

OK, this is a belt I've been working on. I just thought I'd post a pic to gain some interest and ask for some input. The main thing I'm struggling with is the skin modifier. It's my first armor piece. I wouldn't mind doing more if there is interest.

Is the quality up to snuff?
Is some clipping acceptable?
How important is perfect deformation of the mesh? Right now the movement is a little rigid. My skill in this area is next to nothing. I can make it a little better I think. But I'm having a hard time.

I'm calling it a clan belt for now. I plan on doing a couple of more with different looks. I don't know what the different dwarf clan symbols are, this one features crossed axes.


SirChet said...

There's always crossed hammers, or a frozen anvil, (coldforge clan).

Looks good, can't tell about the clipping or stiffness until we see it in action.

SirChet said...

Forgot to mention the very cool statue in the background.

ps...it's very coooooool!

Daronas said...


Crossed hammers is definitely planned. A frozen anvil is doable and is a fantastic idea!

I'm going to make it look better with a wider variety of armors. It will work better with some than others. Not all OEI armor pieces go together without major clipping, I reckon that's just the way it is. :)

I forgot to mention you were the inspiration since you mentioned liking dwarfs.

I'm glad you like the statue. Hope it's working well for DoT.

Amraphael said...

It looks good as far as I can see. It may, as you say look a bit rigid when in motion. The only thing I would suggest is to, if possible, attach the belt a bit lower. Now that may just be my limited experience in dwarwen an atomics :)
The clipping is not an issue as I can see, and probably not worth the time to reduce further.

It'll be a great complement to the rather limited selection of belts in the OC. Thumbs up!

And yes, the statue is cool. Did you make it from scratch?

dgraf said...

Love it! "Little" touches like this really make a big difference. Likewise the statue. Going to make it available?

Jclef said...

Yes, we could definitely use some more belts - put it up!

I'll second Amraphael with perhaps lowering it just a tad.

I'm with the rest on the statue - get that on the vault!! ;)