Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finally available for NWN2

[Note: No. I don't mean Mysteries of Westgate. ;)]

Before starting on this project two weeks ago, Daronas, Sirchet, and I couldn’t believe no one had done a packhorse for NWN2 yet.

There'll be one now: GPS Packhorse. It’s been submitted and should be up on the Vault soon.

Here’s part of the ReadMe:



Your very own packhorse. Anywhere. Anytime.

GPS Packhorse can be used by players in any existing module (official or community), including in an ongoing game. It can also be easily implemented by builders directly into their own mods and PWs.



-Randomly spawns a horse in one of four different looks. One in ten chance to get a white stallion.

-Option to “pay” for the horse: for those who would like to RP their acquisition.

-Conversation-driven options and orders: stay, follow, personal and party inventory management, rename and despawn.

-When in party, packhorse will follow and respond to orders as any companion would. But packhorse is not a warhorse. It will flee all combat.

-Equipped with saddle bags for greater carrying capacity.

-“Slot Blockers” prevent players from equipping horse with their own equipment.

-Close to official D&D stats.

-Multiplayer theft prevention (BETA): only the horse's owner or a party member can “talk” to the horse and issue orders. Ownership can however be transfered to another nearby player.

-Requests for other features are welcome.



Gaming Parents Studios

Original idea and beta testing: Sirchet

Packhorse's load : Daronas (rope, crate, keg, and bedroll modeled and textured by Obsidian)

Blueprints, dialogues and scripts: E.C.Patterson


Wyrin said...

ah so that was behind the questions on the forums about slot blockers...

nice work. Not something I'd thought about until saw it here, but now thinking it's obvious thing to have! Everyone needs a Bill the Pony ;)

dgraf said...

How cool! Been wishing something like this were available. Have a strange feeling this guy might make an appearance in "Winter Promises". Thanks to all involved.

Jclef said...

Awesome! Congratulations on the release, GPS - going to download tonight and check it out!

Jason said...

Great idea guys! Looks excellent.


E.C.Patterson said...

Thanks guys! It's out now. By default, she is called "Zoe the Packhorse (after my second daughter), but you can rename her/him at will.

Frank Perez said...

Finally, a packhorse that doesn't look like Khelgar. Well done.

donna said...