Monday, November 30, 2009

Drider vs. Gel Cube

Thought these shots I took while testing were cool, though not necessarily pretty. I liked the idea too that they showcased two community-made critters... This scenario will be entirely possible in game by the way... :)

Back on Trinity in full swing now. Flu's over and done with. Finally.


Jclef said...

lol - that's awesome. My bet is on the Berry Blast Jello Beast! ;)

AmstradHero said...

I don't know... that drider looks pretty hungry. Add some icecream and it would make one heck of a dessert!

On a serious note, that looks nice. :-)

E.C.Patterson said...

:D You'll have to play the game to see who wins. ;)

Good to see you around again AH.