Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Working towards official alpha version of Trinity. Should be there in next few days.

Got invited to join the Dragon Age Toolset and Community Site Beta. Can’t say more (I believe).

Hellfire got a new screen.

Soundset selection fix made HoF.

I’m kind of busy these days.

Thanks for reading friends! :)


Jclef said...

Awesome news - keep it coming! :D

E.C.Patterson said...

Thanks J! I hope to have an official alpha announcement soon, complete with loadscreens.

Wyrin said...

alpha - wow. wasn't expecting that just yet. great news.

Glad to hear someone clued up is in the DA toolset beta - but annoyed we won't be able to hear your thoughts on it!

Liso said...

Excellent E.C.!!!!! Very exciting news :)

Anonymous said...

great news ! There's a lot of RPG goodness coming our way.
thanks !