Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins

This post will just be some thoughts that I have about the game from what I know at this time. It's not much. I haven't followed the game for years. With E3 drawing nearer and finally upon us, I decided to check out what's going on.

There's been a recent uproar on the direction the marketing has taken. Bioware has released trailers containing lots of blood and action with a Marilyn Manson song as the main track. I'm not bothered by it. I have no idea if I'll love the game until I play it. I'm pretty sure I'll at least like it. It's a party-based fantasy CRPG. That already puts it above just about any other recent game out there for me. I've watched trailers for other games many times over. I have no interest in buying the games as they aren't the kinds of games I like to play. I know that ahead of time. But by watching trailers/cinematics alone, I would have no idea what the actual gameplay is like.

As mentioned, I don't know all there is to know about the game as it stands now. I do know I look forward to playing it. There are some cons IMHO. Being a huge fan of the Infinity games, I wish the party size was larger. There seems to be a lack of a dedicated healer class. There doesn't seem to be a cleric type at all. I would think it an obvious class type with the demons, undead, and abominations prevelant in the game. Looks like the mage will be a blaster and a healer. From previous game experience, I don't much like this type of character. We'll see. Combining spells looks very cool though. Rogues are said to be interesting. There just doesn't seem to be much info on them at this point. Even with the lack of info, a rogue may be my first character.

Will GPS mod DA:O? Right now it's undecided. The toolset looks like it has lots of promise. I think some truly excellent adventures can be made with it. Being a custom content creator, DA:O does interest me. I will at least try to get a few models into the game.

Anyway, for now these are my random wait and see thoughts on Dragon Age: Origins.


Raith Veldrin said...

Been scratching my head on the prospects of using this as well. Still unsure how much the 'proprietary' aspect will render it unusable for traditional fantasy settings (lack of healer class as an example).

The dragon they showed on the video @ E3 was a great gameplay fight. There are just a lot of elements up in the air about what is going to be possible.

I'd love to talk to someone with the demo toolset.

E.C.Patterson said...

I'm still hoping Bioware will select me for the TS Beta. But I guess that train has passed...

I have to admit that, OC-wise, DA doesn't sound too promising. I groaned the first time I heard the plot was based on facing a "blight" and an invasion of the "dark spawn", and I keep on groaning everytime I hear that. Together with this very bloody new marketing campaign, this makes it feel like DA is designed to appeal more to a younger set of fantasy CRPG gamers, whatever Bioware's claim that the OC addresses "mature" issues.

That said, I'm still looking forward to playing the game, though I don't yearn for it to come out that soon. I want Trinity to be out before its release.