Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Instant Classic

As beta testing wraps up and the NWN2 Community Halloween mod is about to go up on the Vault, I believe I can safely say this thing is an instant classic.

The creativity, artistry, imagination, ingenuity, skill and talent that is on display in this mod is awe-inspiring.

The Community Halloween mod is by no means your typical NWN2 adventure, but it is nonetheless an absolute must-play for all those who love this game.

Thank you to JClef and the Bouncy Rock crew for initiating and pulling this project together, and thank you to the 20+ solo and team builders who rose to the challenge and made of this mod a fabulously fun gaming experience. Happy Halloween!

EDIT: It's heee-eere. Get it.


Liso said...

Such a nice post! The module has been uploaded and waiting to be locked and loaded!!!!

Thanks GPS for joining the Halloween fun!


Jason said...

Agreed! Really amazing to see what could be stitched together in such a short time. I have to say that I think you guys were right up there near the top for "creepy factor."


SirChet said...

But you guys over at Bouncy Rock made it all possible.

Great job on pulling everyone together.

Frank Perez said...

I love the horrific encounter that you've set up in your module. Those creatures never looked as frightening as they did in the GPS house. The treats that you hand out at the end are especially inspired. And for those in the know, the reference to a team member who is with you in spirit will surely elicit smiles. Great job, people.

Liso said...

GPS! Awesome Halloween mod! I had a great time! and the treats!!!! too coolies!!! :)