Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Male Tiefling Head

The new head will be included in our Halloween mod. I created it for my avatar. It's a mix of the old, new, and my own vision.

It's my first head modeled from scratch. As a matter of fact, I'm obviously not much of an organic modeler to begin with. It was also my first foray into texturing a "human" head.

I wanted to do a base mesh that I could use for other projects. Well, this one came out OK, but needs lots of improvements. In particular the nose and the mouth. So, I will be remodeling my base mesh. I don't have time before the release of the mod. Maybe somebody will like it as another Tiefling head option, even if it's not very good.

The head and facial horns are a beard option. I chose to do it this way so the head horns aren't tied to a single hair style. They cover the existing horns. Be advised that the head is normal mapped specifically for the head and facial horns to be used. They are tintable via the "hair accessory" option. I didn't want to infringe on one of the other tint options. The skin and eyebrows are tintable per the usual options.

It's NOT fully rigged. I only rigged the head, neck, eyelids, and eyes(OEI eyes). So, he'll look around and blink. I was happy to get that far. :) Rigging is another of my weak spots. But, I'm slowly leraning. There is no inside to the mouth. Lip flappers and such are out for now. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get better at it someday.

The screenshot was taken in LadyE's awesome Unicorn Run prefab. It reminded me, since I don't play the game much anymore, how good this game can look.


Chaos Wielder said...

I like the look of him. Wow--people are putting in loads of work into this Halloween project. Funny, really. ;)

And, tangentially, Unicorn Run is my favorite prefab on the vault. It inspired me to get back into the toolset seriously; I should probably tell LadyE that sometime.

Amraphael said...

Hey, that's a really cool head! I wish I could get a grip on making creature stuff too. I think you're too modest about your skills. My limit goes with simple placeables.

Thete said...

That looks great. Look forward to giving head creation a go myself in the future. Encouraging to see you've done it already.


Sam Brockmann said...

Hello, the link for this head is no longer available? Is it possible to get this head still?