Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Mod Podcast

I just recently synced my iPod, downloading all the latest Neverwinter Nights Podcast episodes. For some reason, episode 76 and 77 didn't make it on.

So as I was washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen tonight I pressed the click-wheel to listen to episode 78, after listening to our very own Sirchet on episode 75! It's always when I'm cleaning the kitchen at the end of the day that I listen to the Podcast. It actually makes that job fun.

Lo and behold, it's an episode about the Halloween 2008 Community Mod, featuring an interview with Jclef and Ree! What a surprise! I hadn't even caught on they'd done a show about it. Anyway a great listen. It was fascinating to hear about the project from Jclef's perspective.

So if you haven't already, make sure you download the show or stream it from the Podcast's own website.


The following shot was taken within our modest house in the Halloween super mod. It shows a silly character of mine, Crazy Friggin, a female gnome barbarian, wielding some really hard candy she got there as a treat.


Ashercon said...

Glad you enjoy the show!! Keep up the good work! Stop by and leave a comment sometime if you want!

Liso said...

Ditto. thanks for posting! Loved your Halloween Entry!!! :)

E.C.Patterson said...

Thanks! You guys keep it up too!

SirChet said...

I'm happy that the podcast has such loyal followers, (myself included).

I have to say that that certain piece of "hard candy" is one of my most favorite weapons of all time.

As always, I'm sooooo honored to be considered a part of GPS.