Friday, January 29, 2010

Pleasant downtime

Trinity has been out for 3 weeks now. The first week was busy with updates and responses to players, but now it’s calmed down somewhat. The download count reflects that too: from 500 the first week, to about 250 the second and 150 the third. Still Trinity is nearing 1000 downloads as we speak and the speed at which it will reach that point exceeds my expectations by far. And players are clearly enjoying the mod. So I’m (very much still) happy! :)

(Maybe not as happy as JClef and crew! : MS Madness has clearly swept the community! The love for Misery Stone that players are expressing looks to me unprecedented. Job well done Jason et al.!)

Right now, I’m getting ready to release a new update to Trinity (v1.05), and looking to release our custom placeables and items separately, perhaps as well as creature blueprints, voicesets and soundtrack (in mp3 format). Also planning additional content for the mod that will go in a future update (Platinum Edition? ;) ). Stuff I did not get around to before initial release.

I’ve also been spending a couple of evenings with dunniteowl in IRC, who's interviewing me for one of his upcoming Community Updates. My hat goes off to DNO for working so hard on reinforcing the fabric of the NWN2 community. Very valuable work!

All the while, I’m now PLAYING more that I’ve had the chance in the past: NWN2, Fallout 3 and Assassin’s Creed (the first one). Fallout 3 and Assassin’s Creed are great pick-up-and-play games thick with atmosphere and immersion, though quite thin on gameplay. They do fine for the time being, while I work myself up to continue DA… Probably will get to it soon, when I have more than an hour’s time before me to really get into it.

As for What’s Next

Don’t know yet. I’m thinking about it. One thing’s for sure: my modding days are not over. Just don't tell my wife. ;)


Anonymous said...


I´m glad to see the high note of Trinity on the nwvault.

If you are going to continue modding in the future, I wish you the same success that Trinity has had.

Another mod set in the Realms with the same features that Trinity would be great. ;)

Juan Valera

Eguintir Eligard said...

To be honest I'm a little dissapointed in the timing of the Misery Stone. I'm sure the author didn't do it intentionally but rather released it with enthusiasm because it was finally done, but it did kind of steal the show. After 2 years of virtually nothing I'd have like to seen some space between two major releases not only if I were the author of one, but as a player.

This has made me more optmistic about my own campaign delays as it should be clear of the current releases and have higher potential attention. Originally it would have came out about now, but as stated I will keep mine at least a month clear of other big releases. Another few weeks of polish won't hurt it while I wait.

E.C.Patterson said...

Thanks Juan! I'll keep your request in mind! :)

Thanks EE. I appreciate the sentiment. Misery Stone was released two weeks after Trinity, and I think that's fair enough for Trinity. The first week is the most important. Some people now mention Trinity and Misery Stone in the same breath and that's a positive association as far as I can see.

goodgame77 said...
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Nacaal said...

glad to hear Trinity was so well received! I have not yet had time to download and play, but I am sure it will be a blast!
also, sorry for the lateness of these congratulations, but it is the first time in a long while that I blog from home, and at work something in the firewall prevents me from reading/writing comments in your blog (strangely, only yours)

Frank Perez said...

I'm probably the last modder to realize that you've finished Trinity, but allow me to congratulate you heartily for releasing it to an appreciative audience. Gotta play it soon. :)

E.C.Patterson said...

Nacaal: Thank you! "Congratulations" are pleasant any time! No need to apoligize!

Frank! : Good to hear from you! Thanks! Hope you find the time to play. How about a little quick blog entry to let us know what you've been up to?