Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Any last minute bug reports?

Trinity is being uploaded to the Vault today. If you are among the 50+ people who have downloaded it already, then now would be the time to let me know of any bug/issue you encountered, if any.

If everything went fine, then I look forward to reading your feedback on the Vault!


P.S. I'm taking the download link offline as a new version of the mod will be up on the Vault in the next couple of days. Thanks to everyone who played Trinity thus far!


Anonymous said...

Hello. Juan Valera here again.

I´ve finished the module and I must say it´s a masterpiece. There are lots of High Quality things:

- Starting and ending movies.
- The detail of the areas. It is possible to create a great folder of screeshots using print screen button.
- Dialogues with different choices and a nice use of skills.
- The plot.
- Bugfree adventure.
- I love the ending: First the decision (I´ve chosen to not to fight against Gaion), and second the arrival to the twisted tower and interact with the people there, Lord Falconhand (not too much pleased, je, je) and his chancellor. Beautiful ending.
- Exploding barrels, je, je.
- Statistics.

A masterpiece. A jewel for the NWN comunity. 10/10. I´ll download it from the vault and write this comentary again. Thanks for your work.

Finally, I´ve found another problem:

After killing the fire ants and destroying their hole (close to the precipice), the group of 4 members (I healed one of them) blocked the narrow path of the precipice and I couldn´t exit from there. I had to kill them.

E.C.Patterson said...

Thanks Juan! Glad you enjoyed it! Music to my ears. Ya, gotta love those exploding barrels. Je, je indeed! :)

Thanks for reporting that issue. Will fix in v1.02. Version 1.01 has been submitted and should be on Vault tomorrow or Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Now the druid goes at the brige and fights the drow but after they are deat he ask me to go folow him but he does not move .I think he waits for me to attack the drow camp now?Anonymous:)

Anonymous said...

also like to say that i finis the mod and i dont encounterd other bug just the one with the father revenge quest very nice mod you made thanks

E.C.Patterson said...

Anonymous: At the bridge, after talking to you, Rogassien will either join you as a henchman or continue to the drow camp on his own. I take it neither of these things happened? If he joined you as a henchman did you issue him/the party a Follow command?

Will test that sequence again.

Glad you enjoyed the mod otherwise! Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

Yes neither of these things happened but if I atack alone the drow camp he shows up with the others Friends

Anonymous said...

i will give it another try with the version you put on the vault.And just one question are you going to make a sequel?

E.C.Patterson said...

Anonymous (I wish I knew who you were! :) ): Thanks for reporting the behavior. No, I do not intend a sequel to Trinity. My modding days however are not over.

Anonymous said...

Friends call me Nix,already voted on the vault with a 10 :)