Saturday, January 2, 2010

Play Trinity NOW!

Trinity is ready!

While I await FTP access from the Vault, I've uploaded release 1.00 of Trinity to FileFront so you can get to play it first if you want! (and get back to me with some early bug reports if any! :) )

Leave comments here or at ecpatterson at sympatico dot ca.

Download (self-installer only for now) (Mod taken offline as new version will be up on the Vault in the next couple of days.)

ReadMe here: be sure to read it before you play it. :)

I'd like to thank all you faithful blog readers for your support over the past months. Not sure I would have completed the mod without it.

Hope you enjoy!


Jclef said...

I am playing Trinity NOW!

Excellent work so far, I mean it - between the intro movie, choice of music and easy-flow convo's, you really know how to hook a player in!

I'll have more to say after playing it some more...

Raith Veldrin said...

DLing now.
Huge gratz on the release!

Josh said...

Great work so far, guys. I'm enjoying it :)

I've noticed that the Dungeon Master in the Dungeons spawns as hostile so my companions readily attack him when I click on the Deep Dungeons door. Its minor, and can be avoided by telling your companions to stand their ground.

Josh said...

Scratch that. Misery Stone has a repute.fac override hidden in their drider folder. Deleting that fixes the issue.

Anonymous said...

Congrats for the release!!!

Downloading now ;D

Amraphael said...

Playing it for the second time now and it's very, very good.
A great start of the new year!

Wyrin said...

this is great news - very Happy New Year!

will get round to this as soon as I can!

Starwars said...

Everyone must play it - or die!!!!!

Happy new year! :)

SirChet said...


You guys better remember to vote on the vault.

It might even be a good idea to re-download it from there so EC can make the required d/l count for HoF.

You guys know he needs 5,000 d/l's with a score of 8.0 or higher before he gets his HoF, (that he already deserves mind you).

In closing, people that d/l and don't vote are ... (insert your favorite mean comment here).

E.C.Patterson said...

Thanks for playing! Let me know what you think guys.

Hopefully I'll get access to Vault FTP soon.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Congratulations on a great mod!


Anonymous said...

I´m playing using "2.2 TomyK hak" and adding a sixth member from other adventures with "universal companions database".


At the moment I´ve cleaned the drow camp and destroyed the bridge. The landscapes are beautiful. It´s great to observe the drow camp from different points. The combats are interesting, because they are developed in open areas. Dialogues (with different choices) and NPC are great. I miss Ykram doesn´t have more items ;).
I´ve seen a litte bug (perhaps due to the haks I´m using, I don´t know). It´s not so important but I tell you: When I killed the first pack of werewolves, appears the cutscene, and when I return to game, my party is in a secure distance from the second pack, even I rested before the battle. This is not a trap (as it is mentioned in the cutscene). My party should have appeared after the cutscene close to the dead ranger body, with the werewolves attacking and surrounding my party.

It´s time to enter to the school. Gaion, he we go!!! je, je.

Juan Valera

E.C.Patterson said...

Hi Juan,

Glad you are enjoying it.


Did you end up killing the 1st group of direwolves far away from the dead ranger? Then what you describe could indeed happen.

Anonymous said...


I think yes, they aproached my party. I think I was a litte far from the dead body after the battle.

The trap trigger (cutscene) could be set when you approach to loot the ranger´s body, using more werewolves if you have rested between the two battles.

Josh said...

*Minor Spoiler's Review*

Just finished the game and I have to say that I am impressed with the amount of detail you put into this module. You made the most out of the 9 areas that you created and created them with great detail. Some of the scenes that struck me the most were the dining room, the Death Tyrant's room and the headmaster's room. I probably spent at least a few minutes admiring your attention to detail.

There were some clever ideas also presented in the module. In particularly, I liked the light platform. The concept of splitting up and then when I was in the chasm, I truly did not expect to see the glowing white platforms above my head. The only complaint (which I do not contribute to your doing) is the placement was along a wall rather than aligned with the initial path. This is just a tileset restriction though, so no worries.

There were a few grammatical errors that I've noticed. Thelvar once referred to Beshaba as "Beshapa", aggressive was spelled as "agressive" in the Gaion confrontation, and there were numerous cases of using "loose" where it should've been lose (or lost). Aside from grammatical errors, you could bash the chest in headmaster's room without getting the key. Not sure if this was intentional or not.

The plot was simple and eloquently developed and designed. Took a simple dungeon venture and made it into something much more than a bunch of hack and slash dungeons pieced together. Normally, I resent modules that only have one dungeon because of the usual lack of intuition and uniqueness. The only one that I have played and liked was Tomb of Horrors for NWN1, but now I can add Trinity to that list :)

The companions were interesting, but certainly not powerful. I found myself more often than not fighting the monsters one on one because they kept dying. It also didnt help that they always switched to ranged the second they could, which really got annoying. They also thoroughly enjoyed using the Ogre club even if they could never hit anyone with it.

Once I was inside the ruins, I was able to enjoy the companions much more since there wasn't a horde of enemies to fight through.

Also the minimap idea was very clever.

Overall, I'd give Trinity a 10/10. It's simply a masterpiece and the only one of its kind. If I was Atari, I'd had make this an Adventure Pack after some professional VO were added.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next after a much needed break ;)

Anonymous said...

It seeams that i encounterd a bug after i thel the Friends about the dead ranger the druid (father of the dead ranger) starts a quest but it wont join my party as a henchman and I can complete this quest any ideas ???and thanks for this mod ,soryy for any spelling mistakes,i am not a native english speaker

Anonymous said...

I need patch 1.23 to play this mod?

E.C.Patterson said...

Wow. Thanks Josh! Glad you enjoyed it! I take note of your comments and will make a few tweaks in (ongoing) next version. The companion behavior sounds like SoZ/TonyK ai related.

Anonymous #1: Rogassien should run all the way to the drow camp (taking the area transition) and attack it on his own if you let him. If you talk to him after the bridge then he can join you as a henchman. If you have more problems let me know.

Anonymous #2: It might work without it, but I make no garantees. You really should update if you can.

SirChet said...

Looks like you need to fire that darn editor of yours.

*hides his head in shame for missing soooo many things*

E.C.Patterson said...

Chet: TS was never really closed ;) It's not that bad. I'm fixing the Rogassien vengeance bug as we speak.

What do you think? It's not too late to give it another run, hey? ;)

E.C.Patterson said...

Uploaded a patch to fix issues with "A Father's Revenge" quest.

Everyone should install.

Anonymous said...

I have a difrent problem with the druid now i patch to version 1.23 and the druid still dont come with me but after I kill the drow from the brige he apears and then the quest goes well,i will try yhe patc you post and put a coment later thanks

Anonymous said...

I am the same anonymous :) i still wanthed to say that there are some strange things with the weapons of the companions they switch from blades to crossbows but no crosbows in the inventory maybe a bug again.Hope you understand my ebglish:)

E.C.Patterson said...

Anonymous: Yes, the patch should solve that issue. Let me know. Thanks!

E.C.Patterson said...

Anonymous: re weapon switching: this is often a TonyK AI issue (possibly SoZ as well). I have experienced this issue in other mods. If you have TonyK's AI in override, try removing it. You can often reequip your true weapon to replace the one there. You might also want to ask the question on the Bioware General forum.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...


Re: Weapon switching. I also encountered this problem, which is likely to do with the Tony AI scripts.

The best way to work around the problem is to make sure you have your weapons quicksloted for every companion and then use the quickslot to reequip the correct weapon after combat.