Friday, December 5, 2008

SoZ – Less CAN be better

I started Storm of Zehir last week and have been having lots of fun. The level of detail put into the areas is particularly impressive, so is the ingenuity and creativity deployed to build in such an enormous number of skill checks. I also got much more of a kick than expected out of building my own 4-member party and am finding the party conversation system more fun and much less burdensome than I was afraid it might be.

As for the overland map, that’s been interesting too. It sure is a great way to tie together disparate quests and adventure locations and give a feel of open-endedness to the game.

But, boy, those hostile encounters do zap in like madness. That started to become annoying very quickly once into the game, more than anything else ever in NWN2. So I found the script that controls the probability of hostile spawns and applied a modifier to it to reduce the rate at which they are teleported onto the OM. That worked and I can breathe now and not feel like I’m playing Space Invaders or something like that.

If you feel that way about the OM, you too might be interested in downloading the tweak I uploaded to the Vault recently.

We also uploaded the GPS No-Ring UI mod some time ago and have apparently made a few people happy. What more could you ask for.


Jclef said...

That's really cool, E.C. - I'm sure a lot of folks will appreciate this modification. For all its coolness, the OVM can sometimes be daunting when you're surrounded by monsters.

Almost like those times in FF where you keep getting zapped into combat every two steps on the travel map... :P

Frank Perez said...

I also started SoZ just last week, and I've been having a blast. What disturbs me about the hostile creatures that tread the OM is their frequency and EL, both of which are so high that I can't help but wonder how civilized folk ever survived long enough to build cities. Otherwise, I've been having a blast with my party of four and no cohorts. I've got to finish this game asap, because I can't get any serious modding done while I'm hooked.

Amraphael said...

I'll surely use that cool override when I get SoZ. Yes, that's the truth. I didn't run to the game merchant the day of the release... I reckon I'll find it cheaper after Christmas. Heck I have still to finish MotB :)

E.C.Patterson said...

Athough I knew full well it would make no difference to me if I got the game on day 1 or later, I let myself get excited over the release, and rushed out to get it. Reminded me of when I was a kid.

As a NWN2 fan, I wanted to have the latest and shiniest too, and not be left behind... ;) though I have no intention of using SoZ content in Trinity, unless there is something I absolutely need in there.

I'm trying too to go at the game with just my 4-member party. They're a really mean bunch (first time I really play evil! It's fun!) and want no one to tag along.

The going was tough at first but now at level 8 or so the fights are more manageable. Thank god for my barb/fighter/blackguard who's mowing down everyone. Can't say my wizard/palemaster is a lot of help right now though. The resting restrictions are really making it tough for low-ish level casters.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

My friend and I have put SoZ on hold and trying to get Hellgate played instead before they pull the server. OK, I know its a Diablo clone and not D&D, but it makes for an amusing distraction between modding. ;) However, we are definitely looking forward to it. :)

BTW, just to let you know that I found a way to add a conversation to the PCs continuing from the methid I was already using (re my blog). :)

I answered there, but may make a seperate blog about it as well.