Friday, May 16, 2008

ItFR : just hit 35!

By E.C.Patterson

A bit less than one month ago I introduced you to my flashy progress report card for Into the Forgotten Realms. I reported then that ItFR was about 25 % complete. I’m happy to say it’s closer to 35 % complete now, even after adding a few elements along the way. I’m happy with the progress made, even though I wish it could proceed faster. But the only way that could happen is by cutting a few corners, and that’s something I’m loath to do at this time.

Most of the progress made was in conversations (with the help of SirChet, who has begun editing some of them), custom content (thanks to the great contributions from Daronas) and scripts. Areas have also progressed well, but since they are still in the works, they haven’t yet been chalked up.

The goal now is to complete 10-15% of the mod every month. With the past month’s experience, that seems like a reasonable workload, unless, of course, priority GPS projects like A Time to Die 1 or NHIN2 require more of my attention… :)

To close this off, here are a few simple toolset shots from ItFR that I like: one is of the school of wizardry’s library; another, of one of the treasures to be found, from a perspective impossible in game (that’s in the room with the beholder – which I’m now planning to turn into a Death Tyrant); and the last one, of a “simple” hideaway…


Amraphael said...

Congrats to the 10% progress. I have to say that you move really fast. Cool screen shots. I like the innovative use of placeables, like the raised floor in the library and the furniture filled cave. With the limited amount of placeables in the toolset one have to work hard to make the locations look unique.

Ernie Noa said...

Fantastic! Good luck as you continue working on your project.

Jclef said...

Congrats on the progress!

10-15%/month seems like a well-balanced & steady effort.

I love that top-down shot of the bed, it's very moody!

E.C.Patterson said...

Thanks guys. I always appreciate when you drop by. :) Thanks for the continuing support!