Friday, April 25, 2008

ItFR: Bring out the WIP

What with the children party at my place last weekend for my daughters who just turned 2 and 4, the Montreal Canadiens’ 7th game wipeout of Boston on Tuesday, and the first gardening weekend of the growing season coming up, building time for Into the Forgotten Realms is at a pretty premium these days.

Thank the forces above for Daronas, who’s been sending me some nifty custom placeables, and getting me excited and motivated to scrape together some TS time in the last couple of days.

Here then is a work-in-progress shot of somewhere inside the School of Wizardry, showcasing some of his stuff.

I wish you all a great weekend!

[Edit: Here are a few more in-game shots of the same spot, before I call it a night.]

[Edit 2 - April 26 : Alright, I'm done with this room for now. Looks like the Beholder had some lunch recently...]


Liso said...

Is it just me, or that beholder daring you to enter? "ack!" :D

Nice shot. thank you for sharing.!!

Wyrin said...

looks suitably ominous!

SirChet said...

Adventurer puree anyone?