Monday, March 8, 2010

Trinity Goes to Asia

This is fun! Master Kaelic, administrator of the Korean NWN2 Community site, seems to have enjoyed Trinity quite a bit, and decided to feature the mod. I wish I could read the pretty lengthy write-up!

He's also got some great screens up, including this one, one of my all-time favorites.

NWN2 has brought me into contact with people around the world, and I love that about the game, that it can draw together people from all over the place.

In other news, I've uploaded to the Vault the model for the student cloak that can be found in Soloria. The files are in override format and can be used by players and builders alike.


Amraphael said...

That's really cool. That's what I also love with those kind of games - All the people from around the globe that you get in contact with.

The cloak is awesome.

Blueberry said...

Hello from Nestlehaven-enjoyed Chinese, Patterson! ^^

It seems Kaelic didn't introduced herself properly, I see. Then I think I can provide some help.

Actually Kaelic is female, although I have another vote for her nickname is not-so-womanish too... that evil secretive DM friend. :P

And she is not admin, I heard she is just a very active member, she handles most difficult problems of that community site such as contacting with Obsidian/Wizards when in need though. :)

Sorry my poor English, but hope not so hard to read!

Jclef said...

Congratulations, E.C.!!

I admit... I still haven't played this fine module. I started to, but what little I had experienced inspired me to finish my own!

Now that things are cooling down and my face doesn't twitch when I see the NWN2 splash screen, I'm going to dive in again soon.

春天來嚕 said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................