Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trinity retired, enters Hall of Fame

Trinity has just been retired. It's an honor to make it into that hallowed Hall, but it's a little sad at the same time. It marks a culmination of sorts, and therefore an end. It had a good run on that first Vault page and I'm glad place has been made for other mods.

Hall of Fame status is a great addition to all the positive feedback Trinity has garnered on and off the Vault. To this day, I'm proud of what we achieved and how the game we built resonated with players.

Thank you again to everyone who played Trinity and supported us along the way.

P.S. New edition is still forthcoming. I'm so swamped with work these days that time, energy and motivation has become hard to find. Instead of an Anniversary edition I might just make it an Hall of Fame edition. :)

P.P.S. Congratulations also to Amraphael whose Zork module also just made it in!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trinity One Year Anniversary – New Edition Coming Soon

As posted on the NWN2 forums:

One year ago today, the current version of Trinity was released. The mod occupied such a big part of my life over the two preceding years that I wanted somehow to mark that anniversary.

I’m proud that Trinity remains the highest rated complete NWN2 adventure set in the Forgotten Realms that is open to any class and race (Hey, it fits the niche! I’ll take it! ;) ).

Thank you to everyone that downloaded the mod and those that came back to leave feedback. And once again, because I could never say it enough, I’d like to thank all other modders and players that gave their support during production. And lastly, thank you to all the content makers whose creativity and talent helped make Trinity what it is, to the playtesters and, especially, to my two fellows in arms at the time, Daronas and Sirchet. All of you made building Trinity something memorable.

I’m currently testing the new edition and it should be ready soon. It will feature a new batch of fixes and tweaks in a consolidated download and, most importantly, fog of war!, thanks to the work of Lance Botelle.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The joys of playing on my belly

I know many of you have had and iPhone or Ipod Touch for a while, and even perhaps an iPad.

I got mine, an iPod Touch 64 GB, just about 6 weeks ago, after accepting that my iPod classic had kicked the bucket.

And this opened up the wonderful world of the App store, and, especially, the world of iOS games. Too bad there’s not a NWN2 for iOS yet… ;) But I’ve got other games on there, my favourites being Tower Madness (I never get tired of hearing these aliens explode!) and Civilization Revolution  (a dummed-down Civ-game, but just as addictive), Carcassonne  and, of course, Grokion  (great music and graphics! ;) Though I haven't been much of a platformer kind of guy since the heady Shareware days). The Diablo-like Dungeon Hunter is pretty good too, though I’ve only played the Lite version so far. I was quickly turned off on the other hand by GTA Chinatown Wars’ controls and the 3D CRPG Ravensword with its wafer-thin story and poor writing, not to mention the game breaking bug I hit. More than ever now, I'm looking forward to Ossian's "real" RPG on iOS.

How pleasurable I’m finding now to disconnect from my computer to play quick, fun sessions crashed on the living room couch or lying on my bed. These days I’m spending more time playing in that position than sitting at my desk.

I’ve had a GBA for years now however and it never caused me to part with my computer in this way. It was more of a poor substitute when off travelling somewhere, in some hotel room. Perhaps its the games (and the fact they cost much less on iOS and therefore you can try out more till you find one you really like : gotta love App store pricing and demos!), but likely the actual machine and its interface has more to do with it.

The position of the hands on the iPod Touch and the tactile relationship with the game is something that feels natural and pleasurable. In fact, I’m noticing I’m enjoying more iOS games that you actually interact with through the screen rather than those that use a virtual joystick and buttons.

That’s not to say that PC gaming is dead for me, far from it. I’m still playing : NWN2 of course, Wyrin’s fantastic White Plume Mountain in particular, Mass Effect 2 and Wheelman (I’m a big fan of Vin Diesel, and I’ll enjoy anything that has to do with him, I’m not even sure why!). And I just bought Borderlands, just because it was $10 on D2D. On my PS2, I'm still strumming along to Guitar Hero and Rock Band games from time to time.

And you, if you’ve got an iPod, iPhone or iPad, what games are you playing? I’d like to know what other NWN2 fans are enjoying.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ossian's big revelation

It's not NWN2, not DA either, but it sounds interesting nonetheless and a probable buy on my part.

Ossian's next game

Monday, June 21, 2010

Grobnar as Gandalf

Just found this video of LOTR meets NWN2. Absolute nonsense, but hilarious. Casting is perfect, for the most part. Reminds me that the OC was finely written and acted. I should play it again someday soon, but busy right now playtesting Wyrin's latest, and playing through every Guitar Hero and Rock Band game I can find on ebay for less than 10 $, shipping included. Playing on my new, second-hand PS2 slim. First console I've owned since my Colecovision.

Monday, May 3, 2010

U is for…


That I was not fast enough with my blog entry, and that Wyrin took the “T”. ‘Cause we all know, what T really is for … ;)


Patch 1.06, Final of Trinity is in testing. Am testing it as I’m playing the mod with my wife for the first time. That might take a little while… I might push it through QA if it lingers...


Still split between getting back into modding and playing games. Playing is winning right now. Of all things, I’ve gotten into Frets on Fire lately. Am also playtesting PJ156’s The Caravan Club , which is well polished and a lot of fun.


It’s raining today. But we had a lovely weekend.

…Uri... Got to go! :P

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Trinity

I’m still not done with that one yet! :)

Just released Daronas’ placeables he made for the mod and on the side : 34 new all tintable things to plop down in your areas. My personal favorites are the dragon egg and those fancy plates, but it’s all good, and useful, stuff.

I’ll check if the VFX I made for Trinity warrant a pack of their own. After that, I’ll release Daronas’ new, gruesome “glove” model. Those who saw that ending know what I mean. ;)

I’m also gearing up to start work on update 1.06 which will fix a couple of newly uncovered issues and, what?, more typos! (just one or two!).

Then I’ll have to plan some time to walk the wife through the mod. That should be nice. I have very fond memories of us playing Grim Fandago together. I wonder if she'll want us to play through the fights.

And lastly, Alazander and Tiberius both recently reviewed Trinity at length. A joy to read.


Was playing: SoZ (but got stuck at final encounter – I hate the really tough boss fights), a couple of NWN2 mods I started (but probably won’t finish)

Now playing: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (intense, short-lived shooting action, 30 minutes at a time), DA:O (early Orzammar was long and boring, but now should get more interesting)

Will be playing: more NWN2 mods (next up : Planescape: The Shaper of Dreams (Chapter 1) and The Last of the Danaan)

Wanting to play ASAP: Misery Stone, as soon as update is out (how’s that going J?)


Thanks for stopping by!